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online dating safety tips Traditionally, Azerbaijani weddings take place over a period of 40 days and nights. The wedding commemoration is generally followed by a “uzechikhdi” wedding service, which is a finish of shortage ceremony. This can be a ceremony that brings the woman into the fresh family. In wealthy young families, the wedding ceremony may last for three or four days. In lesser families, it is just a one-day affair.

In ancient circumstances, Azerbaijani weddings often took place in two different locations. One of the gatherings took place inside the bride’s house and the additional was held in the groom’s house. The marriage ceremony would generally start with a bath-house marriage ceremony, followed by a meal.

The ceremony can be religious or luxurious. It may also happen during a separate day. The bride’s family is responsible for buying household items in the couple’s new home. Additionally it is the family unit that determines to the date for the wedding.

The Azerbaijani wedding ceremony generally includes bouncing. The wedding may also include the ritual of henna covering. The groom’s family unit will pick the bride’s rings. They will also buy her garments. The dowry may include household items such as household furniture and garments. The groom’s family will most likely visit the bride’s house to verify that she is committed.

The wedding ceremony ceremony is often followed by a reception that includes salads and meats. In addition, it includes classic Azerbaijani dishes. A number of the guests consider turns to sit subsequent to the newly married couple for photographs.

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